Business Licenses

Business, Professional & Occupational Licenses (BPOL)

  • A business license tax is a local license tax that a county or town can implement separate from state licenses and taxes 
  • Businesses that are located in King George County can gross up to $2,500 a year before they must get a King George County business license
  • Business license are assessed on an annual basis 
  • Renewal license applications must be filed and paid for by March 1 of each year 
  • In order to obtain a King George County business license please see the New Business Checklist to get started  


  • Must submit a copy of a valid state contractor's license each year in order for our office to issue a county business license under that tax classification
  • Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) offers a variety of services; including state contractor's license. Visit their site here, DPOR, or contact them by phone 804-367-8511 for more information

Restaurants / Caterers

  • Must provide our office with a valid health permit from the VA Department of Health 
  • King George County Health Department (540-775-3111) 
  • Required to register with our office for a meals tax account

Hotels / Motels

  • Required to register with our office for a transient occupancy account

Solicitors /Door to Door Sales

  • Required to alert the King George County Sheriff's Department (540-775-2049) to notify them that you are in the county working
  • Register with our office for a flat fee solicitor's license ($500.00 per year) 
  • Provide a list of all salespersons names, vehicles, and contact information for each.  

State Corporation Commission (SCC) 

  • To register a business with a Fictitious name or as a corporation / limited liability company (LLC) you must register with the SCC
  • Visit State Corporation Commission or contact them at 804-371-9733 for further information

Additional Information