FY2023-2024 Budget Work Sessions and Approved Budget

On June 20, the King George County Board of Supervisors approved the fiscal year 2023-2024 budget, as well as the 2023 tax rates.

The balanced budget for FY 23-24 is $115,383,854, with 54.59 percent of expenditures allocated to public schools and 45.41 percent allocated to general government. Revenues are budgeted to be received from local, state and federal sources, with 1.65 percent utilized from the fund balance. 

This budget cycle includes funding for seven new positions across four departments—three positions in Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management, one in the Sheriff’s Office, two in Parks and Recreation, and one in General Properties. The budget also includes competitive adjustments in salary for school employees and cost of living adjustments for county employees. 

Details on the budget can be found below.

This year’s tax rates are as follows:

  • Real Property              $0.68 per $100 of assessed value,
  • Mobile Homes             $0.68 per $100 of assessed value,
  • Personal Property       $3.25 per $100 of assessed value and
  • Machinery & Tools      $2.50 per $100 of assessed value.

Bills are estimated to be billed by mid-July with an estimated due date of mid-August. Stay tuned for an update with exact dates in the coming weeks. 

For more information on tax rates, please contact the Commissioner of Revenue at 540-775-4664. 

For more information on tax bills, please contact the Treasurer at 540-775-2571.

Budget & Tax Rates Graphics (PDF)

Public Schools


General Government


Public Safety


Debt Service Fund


Social Services




Capital Improvement Projects


Parks & Recreation




Community Development


Information Technology




Human Resources






Commissioner of Revenue




County Attorney


Economic Development & Tourism




Health Department


Cooperative Extension




Total Budgeted Expenditures


Local Revenue Sources


General Property Taxes


Other Local Taxes


Licenses, Permits & Fees


Charges for Services




Use of Money & Property


Fines & Forfeitures


Recovered Costs


State Revenue Sources


Categorical Aid


Shared Expenses


Non-Categorical Aid


Federal Revenue Sources


Fund Balance


Total Budgeted Revenues


Pie chart of public school & general government expenditures budget for FY 2023-24 at $115,383,854.
Pie chart by department for general government expenditures budget for FY 2023-24 at $52,392,920.
Pie chart of revenues budget for FY 2023-24 at $115,383,854.

FY 23-24 Budget Timeline & Documents